Weld Cable 70mm² Custom Build
Weld Cable 70mm² Custom Build Cable Types
Weld 70mm² Custom Build
  • SKU: CW00-CPB

Weld 70mm² Custom Build


Design your own 70mm² single core flexible power/welding cable with the choice of:

  • Cable Type: Single or Dual Core
  • Cable Length: Per metre (1.00) with 1cm increments (0.01)
  • Lugs, Anderson Connectors, Battery Terminals or Clamps
  • Heat Shrink
  • Insulators
  • Sleeving

and we will custom build it for you. (Each selection includes assembly fees)

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Flexible Power Single Core 0.6/1KV Double Insulated - 70mm²

70mm² flexible power/welding single core cable for fixed power applications:

Power: Switchboards, busbars, transformers

Welding: Earth and electrode leads

Automotive: Jumper Leads, Battery chargers


Part #: CW00-CPB

Pack Qty: By the metre

Brand: Tycab

Nominal Area: 70mm²

Nominal O.D: 17.00mm

AMP Rating* two single cores: 240

Voltage Drop mV/Am at Max operating Temperature–Single Phase: 0.62

Voltage Drop mV/Am at Max operating Temperature–Three Phase: 0.59

Conductor: Flexible Class 6 Bunched OXYGEN FREE Plain Copper Wire to AS/NZS 1125

Conductor Qty & Diameter: 2240/0.2mm

Insulation (White): RoHS Compliant Nitrile (NBR) Modified P.V.C. type V90HT to AS/NZS 3808

Insulation Thickness:1.4mm

Sheath (Orange): RoHS Compliant Nitrile (NBR) Modified P.V.C. type V90HT to AS/NZS 3808

Sheath Thickness:1.5mm

Electrical Resistance at 20°C: 0.272 ohm/km

Mass: 72.34kg/100mmm

Maximum operating temperature: 75°C in normal Use OR 105°C where not subject to, or protected from, mechanical damage (refer AS/NZS 3008.1.1:2009)

*AMP Ratings are to AS/NZS 3008. Unenclosed-Spaced at 40°C (in air), 25°C (in ground). Refer AS/NZS 3008 for derating factors – For Welding AMP Ratings refer to AS/NZS 1995.


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