About Custom Power Cables

Although Custom Power Cables is in its infancy, the idea was born out of a company called Jay-Dee Auto Cables that has servicing the industry for 50+ years. Our staff have decades of experience in the automotive and low voltage cable industry. With expertise in sales, purchasing, online sales as well as custom cable manufacturing for companies such as Telstra. We have every area covered to assist our customers.

With the global pandemic limiting access to bricks and mortar stores, online sales becoming the new normal and people with more of time at home to work on various projects, we decided it was the perfect time to gather up all our years of passion, experience, dedication and extensive knowledge of all things cabling, and make Custom Power Cables a reality.


The Custom Cable Designer:

Our goal was, how do we make the cable buying experience easier for a broader range of customers. Those in the trade know what they require, but how do we make it simpler for those wanting to work on their own projects.

It would have been easy to just have a manual order/quote form, have the customer write down what they require and then send it off and wait to receive a quote. The issue with this method is it requires the customer to wait for us to receive the form, work out a price and then reply to the customer. The customer then must accept the quote, pay for the order and wait for it to be manufactured. This could take several days.

The next option was to have an online selection form where you could select the options on screen. This would cut down the time for pricing and ordering, but the customer couldn’t see what they were designing.

This led us to come up with the Custom Cable Designer interface. The interface allows you visualise how your cable will look and change with each selected option. It gives you greater assurance that what you selected is in fact what you require and not just a part number on a screen.

It means that you can now order what you need at any time of the day and not get stuck with dealer or auto store cables that are stocked in limited gauges, lengths and connection options.

Cables can be customised for but not limited to:

- Automotive

- Marine

- Caravans and RVs

- Golf carts

- Solar


    Short Supply

    With most cable supply outlets you have to buy cable by the roll. With copper prices exploding during the pandemic, we thought why not sell our battery cable by the metre, meaning you can purchase the exact length you need. This philosophy also applies to our wide range of sleeving options that are now available by the metre. We are cutting them down to make cables so why not sell them that way. All designed to save you money and not be left with unwanted goods.

    We also sell all the components you require to do it all yourself. All you need is a crimper.


    Why buy Custom Power Cables?

    - High Quality Australian made cables

    - Tinned copper lugs and tinned cast copper battery terminals

    - Cables that are built to last

    - Professional crimping processes

    - Sealed connections using dual wall adhesive lined heat shrink

    - A wide range of sleeving options for added protection

      Our large network of worldwide specialist suppliers not only allows us to stock almost everything you need for your next project, but our team of experienced staff know the products like the back of their hands. If we don’t have what you need as a stock item, we always do our best to locate it for you.


      Our Philosphy

      At Custom Power Cables, our philosophy is simple. We want to sell great quality products, at competitive prices and most importantly, make it easy for our valued customers to customise their next cable project to their unique specifications. We aim to give you the best possible shopping experience and hope you’ll come back for the next project and recommend others to visit us too.


      Have fun exploring our store and designing your own cables,

      The Custom Power Cables Team